Command List

The following is a list of Horus' usable commands:

â€ĸ Pvpn | Connect to a random Proton vpn.
â€ĸ Shodan | Pull Shodan information from API.
â€ĸ Numlook | Look up validity, carriers, names of phone numbers globally.
â€ĸ Geolock | Shodan & auxiliary API based IP tracing & tracking.
â€ĸ Mactrace | Type in an MAC address to get the vendor or device.
â€ĸ Cryptotrace | Transaction information, & crypto-wallet tracing.
â€ĸ Vt | Connect to the virus-total API to scan, or screen files, links, etc.
â€ĸ Lokien/decrypt | En/decrypt a directory or file with Loki keys!
â€ĸ Lokizip | Create zips further secured with Loki, & an optional password.
â€ĸ Lokichain | List all known Loki keys on a system, but not their directory.
â€ĸ Lokivault | Access the Loki vault over terminal, move & re-arrange, etc.

Usage involves either running python3 horus.py on Linux/MacOS, or py horus.py on Windows, then entering the name of the command desired in the prompt. You may also run commands via python3 horus.py -[command name]

A list including in development and planned commands can be found on the GitHub repository

On Shodan: Shodan is a paid API, so in order for your API to work you need to subscribe to them. A lot of its feature's location-related functionality is available in 'geolock', but more detailed features require that API.

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